Items of The Sword: Witch’s Vision

09 Dec

After defining what all the kinds of vision I could think of mean to me, it’s time to utilize it!

Witch’s Vision:
Mentioned in the song Arrows in the Dark.

These rare items are crafted by warlocks and witches to grant its user supernatural sight. They resemble an ordinary lantern, but instead of oil, they burn eyes. The vision the lantern grants is whatever vision the eye’s owner possessed. If it had several, choose the most supernatural.

They burn one eye for each four hours, or 24 turns, and have an effective light radius of 30 feet. Everyone who sees this light will see the area with the vision granted by the lantern. The lantern doesn’t modify the user’s vision, but casts a special light that renders the surrounding area in that form of vision. As such, despite vision in general not having a range restriction, the user only sees things in the granted fashion inside the distance specified.

Because of the fuel needed to activate the lantern, the object may cause discomfort in most nice characters, and some favour might be lost to nice clerics utilising the device. On the other hand, harvesting the eyes of your foes is not a nice thing to do, and might cause anything from divine wrath to alignment shift. DM’s discretion, naturally.

An additional effect of the light is that it can only be seen with a form of vision different from the one it grants. So if granting normal vision, only creatures with some additional form of sight will be able to see the light of the lantern. Otherwise, the viewer will see the area as dark/room temperature/featureless/whatever. Any other vision is converted, from whatever distance the meager light of the lantern travels. The psychological effect of a creature with only darkvision suddenly seeing the reds and blues of infra are, again, left to the DM’s discretion.

PS: The line in the song could be interpreted as referencing a vision of the third witch from Tres Brujas, who will “show you the way”. That, though, is unsubstantiated and also boring.

Disclaimer: the “items of” series is in no way affiliated to it’s source media. The descriptions are entirely unofficial and sometimes contrary to the original intention on purpose. No claim of ownership intended.

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