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Monk class for SotU

For some reason I always wanted to make a monk class for Searchers of the Unknown. At first I over-complicated the math, but after watching Kung Fu Panda 2, I had an idea.
When fighting without armour and weapons, the monk causes 1 to HD+1 damage with each hit, starting with 1d2 at first level.
Levels not reproducible with die rolls can be reproduced with the combination of two (or a simple addition of one).
Examples: HD6 = d6+1, HD14 = d12+d3He or she starts at 2 attacks per round on first level, but otherwise advances in the described way (1 additional attack after every 4 additional HD).

The monk also reduces any damage inflicted on him or her by 1 for every odd level they possess. (-1 at level 1, -2 at level 3, etc.) This ability can be used up to as many times a round as attacks the character has (declare before damage is rolled). The DM can decide if the reduction can reach 0, or if 1 damage must always be inflicted (I suggest the former).
If using weapons, the damage is according to whatever weapon the monk uses, and their attacks per round is halved(round down to a minimum of 1).If using armour, the damage reduction is lost, but the hand-to-hand damage is the same. The number of attacks is again halved.

Update: I figured out a few much better methods for rolling unarmed damage for the monk.

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Pantheon generator

Protip: Do no Google D&D and god in the same sentence.

A few days ago, I started thinking: how hard it is to come up with a pantheon on the spot? So one morning on the tube, I came up with a list of 8 spheres and a good and bad aspect for each.

Number rolled. Sphere of influence (good aspect/evil aspect)

  • 01-02. Combat (valour/suffering)
  • 03-04. Peace (liberty/death)
  • 05-06. Commerce (luck/greed)
  • 07-08. Earth (fertility/underworld*)
  • 09-10. Fire (industry/ruin)
  • 11-12. Sea (travel/disaster)

You roll 1d12 to decide how many gods there are (or you can choose a number as big as you want). Then you roll 1d12 for each god. Evens are male, odds are female.

Consider these gods neutral (or good) gods of the main sphere. If a sphere comes up again, modify the original to be the god of the good aspect, and the new one then becomes the god of the evil aspect. Both gods are of course still gods of the main sphere.

If you roll the same result a third time, you should probably reroll, otherwise your pantheon will be kinda samey (though mine is, so whatever). Alternatively, you can create more focused deities of an aspect by making spirits/saints/godlings of certain traits. So for example if Lux is the goddess of valour then Frilik is the saint of foolhardiness.

If you roll the same sphere a fourth time, you either have too many gods (which is fine, if you insist) and just alternate between evil and good spirits/saints, or just give up and make your world monotheistic.

Missing alignments: as you can see, every sphere can have good and evil gods, so good and evil itself doesn’t have gods. On the other hand, I argue that a god that demands organized religion can not himself be chaotic. Likewise, a god of magic would not be worshipped by clerics, and thus is irrelevant.

Missing elements: if you’re asking yourself “why is there only fire, sea and earth, but not air?” the combination of fire and sea makes clouds, which I argue is air. If you’re instead asking yourself “air? What about wood and metal?” I argue that sea + earth makes plants and thus wood, and metal needs to be smelted with fire from the ores of the earth.

*: literal or spiritual

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I was planning to post yesterday’s delayed post today, but then SOPA protest. So I’m not going to post anything (possibly all week, but maybe on the weekend).

Censorship and propaganda is against good people.

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PocketMod hacks: Goblin Gully

Pocketmods are this new thing for me. I wanted to see if I can put some one page dungeons and the like into this format. This is my first try, Dyson Logos’ Goblin Gully. I hope you like it.

Edit 2014:

“If you want a version of one of my adventures in PocketMod format, or re-statted for use with GURPS Magic or another system, go ahead and do it but do NOT post it to the internet, to your blog, or wherever else.” -Dyson Logos


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Urban tasks

Most of this stuff popped in my head for a reason, but I can’t remember any of them.

This thing is a random list of increasingly important stuff that could happen in a medieval town, linked with the people who would request the players’ help. (And thus it is completely sexist, though medieval society was as well.)

The final entry, a quest can be made up, or generated by whatever means. An example I have on me at all times is mentioned. Now that I looked, there’s other great stuff here.

Download/view: PDF (as Google doc)

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