Specialist classes via roleplaying

12 Feb

Me: I might be a minimalist.
Sarcasm: Gee, you think, Mr. I-love-SotU?
Me: Shut up, you!

Anyway, when I created my pantheon back in the day of the first game I ran, I felt that clerics might be a bit overpowered. Others seem to agree with me. Also, as a minimalist, I feel that having extensive rules and different spell-lists for similar classes is too much work for the DM and players to keep track of/read.
So here’s my suggestion: roleplay the different specialist classes and clerics, and break the cleric class up based on it’s 3 major abilities.

New classes:
Priest**: like the cleric in LL, but cannot wear armour, prefers* the spells closest to their deity (so Resist Cold for the priest of fire, Remove Fear for the priest of valor)
Warpriest**: like the cleric in LL, but can’t turn undead, prefers* combat spells (Cause Light Wounds)
Paladin: like the cleric in LL, but cannot use spells (weapon restrictions remain, if any)
Druid***: like the priest but avoids metal equipment when possible*, prefers nature-based spells (Purify Food and Water), and protects the balance of nature (thus is neutral)
Barbarian: fighter or dwarf who avoids armour other than leather and hide when possible* and uses two-handed weapons and bows (no shield)
Rangers: fighter, thief or halfling who avoids metal equipment when possible* and protects the balance of nature (thus is neutral)

Turning and destroying undead might not be appropriate to some of these classes or their deities. I have a theoretical fix for that too.

Turning things:
Destroy/Control: the D result can be swapped to controlling where appropriate (anti-clerics). The priest must successfully control the creature each day afterwards otherwise it will die/attack (DM decides).
Turn: I assume even evil clerics want the dead as far away as possible when they’re hostile. As such, turning remains the same.
Druids: druids can turn and control animals and beasts instead of undead. Instead of infernals, they have aberrations as the highest tier. Evil druids can destroy instead of control.

*”Prefers” implies that there are no restricted clerical spells. “When possible” implies that survival overrules it.

**Clerics in LL get spells from 1st level. Otherwise, make sure priests face undead as much as possible to compensate.

***Elves might be druids, if the avoidance of metal equipment restricts them enough to be close to priests power-wise, it’s your call. Spell preference applies (Web is a good example).

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