Monsters of The Sword: Odonatar

14 Feb

Based on Arrows in the Dark

Odonatars are a secretive race of animals, living high atop mountains, hidden from intelligent creatures. They themselves are about dog-like in their intellect. The creatures resemble scaled horses, without manes or tails. Odonatars and their alignment are distinguished by the 3 shades they can be found in: most are grey for neutral, some are black and evil, and the rarest are pure white and good.

While grey odonatar tend to hide in their mountain homes, black odonatar sometimes seek out powerful and evil leaders to serve as their mounts. These are the ones most are familiar with, and most believe all odonatar are evil because of this. Rarely though, when a white odonatar survives their adolescence among the grey and black, instead of staying and aiding their brethren, the white likewise go out seeking a worthy rider. These people tend to be young heroes instead of leaders and kings.

The stigma of evil caused by the black among society usually brings ill will towards any odonatar rider, no matter the mount’s colour, thus forcing these heroes into exile, until they prove their worth.
Odonatar are slightly larger than horses, and they have double their HD. They usually understand any simple commands from their riders, and sometimes even other creatures of their alignment. They only stay as long as they’re created well and their rider retains their alignment.

Disclaimer: the “items of” series is in no way affiliated to it’s source media. The descriptions are entirely unofficial and sometimes contrary to the original intention on purpose. No claim of ownership intended.


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3 responses to “Monsters of The Sword: Odonatar

  1. sgtnasty

    2012/12/13 at 12:39

    Very cool indeed, I imagined odonatar’s having large elaborate antlers which had some magical protection for the rider. Are you going to provide some stats?

    • 3llense'g

      2012/12/13 at 13:47

      Thanks, I like your magical antlers. 🙂 You could just take the horse stats in whatever system you’re using, and double the HD (or up the fighting abilities and health if your system doesn’t have HD).

  2. sgtnasty

    2012/12/28 at 01:27

    take a look here too:



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