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Further update on campaign plans

Sorry for the lack of new posts.

Thing is, I left my job, I was visiting my grandma for almost a week, and it just now dawned on me what kind of sci-fi campaign I want to run. I will most likely run it in Mini Six. I was kinda dismissive about this one back in the day, since the book is not really all that mini, originally the guys at antipaladin managed to get the whole thing out in 7 pages. But reading it now, it seems like something I could use easily.

A few notes about my planned campaign:

  • It will be set in the Oolite universe (I’ll probably adjust ship prices and even add a few ships to even out the supply)
    • Nothing is really in the game but space travel, so I get to make everything else up while still having the framework of a star chart, space ships and background fluff
  • The players will start out as thugs to a mafia-like organisation (a small one)
    • I wanted to do this ever since playing Assassin’s Creed 2, probably because of the Italian language, the sci-fi setting is the new part
  • I want my players to be active, not reactive
    • Most of them like Star Trek more than Star Wars (or Firefly) but I don’t want to constantly tell them what to do, as part of a military organisation with strict hierarchy
  • Everyone will start out with enough money to get a small ship (like an Adder or a used Cobra Mk1), or they can pool their resources to get a ship that’s big enough for all of them (no matter how many players we have)
    • This way the players can decide if they want to travel together or have a ship for every role, or a mixture of both
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