Hex-crawl generator

27 Oct

After requesting a hex-map generator from my Secret Santicore last year, I immideately thought of this idea. After thinking about it for a few weeks, I decided to make it. After buying a printer, I started playtesting using Hexographer, and a few errors came to light (once in a desert, always in a desert) and a few quirks (no such thing as a valley hex) that needed smoothing out. I’m sure there will be other versionl later. Instructions included.

Note: if you put the printed page into a box (so you don’t lose any dice), use a much larger box! Otherwise every other hex will have a settlement or ruin because those are the ones on the edges.

I’d like to thank Zak S. for introducing this method of random generating to me.

Download/view: PDF (as Google doc)
Update: Zak found my description hard to follow, so I made a visual guide:

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