Items of the Sword: Fire Lances Of The Ancient Hyperzephyrians

08 Nov

Based on Fire Lances Of The Ancient Hyperzephyrians

Let’s start with the obvious: NO THEY’RE NOT JUST GUNS! Everybody can put guns into D&D. Hell, everyone already has! That’s boring, moving on.

The Lances are fired with a stabbing motion, at which point they release a small projectile with a thunder crack, that sets the thing it hits on fire (as greek fire or similar, can not be put out, burns underwater). Because of it’s method of activation, aiming the Fire Lances at long distances is all but impossible. The Fire Lances actually have a bayonet attached to their business-end so they’re useful even when empty.

Once the Lance is out of charges, reloading is done by fire aswell. Thrown into a campfire (or fire of similar size) and waiting for the fire to die down will leave the weapon fully recharged.

Fire Lance
Damage: 1d6 + 1d4 fire damage for 1d4 rounds OR 1d6
Range: touch/5’/10′ OR melee
Weight: 10lb

Disclaimer: the “items of” series is in no way affiliated to it’s source media. The descriptions are entirely unofficial and sometimes contrary to the original intention on purpose. No claim of ownership intended.


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3 responses to “Items of the Sword: Fire Lances Of The Ancient Hyperzephyrians

  1. scottsifer

    2012/12/16 at 01:12

    Hey, dude. I’m getting ready to run a Pathfinder game that I’ve been conceptualizing for almost three years now based on The Swords lyrics. I really wanted to make the Fire Lances usable weapons for my players at endgame but ultimately decided (after Warp Riders was released and I decided to add it as the third act) that I’d make them the focal point of the first two parts of the plot instead. With the music video in mind, all the lyrics seem to suggest that “fire lance” is the post-apocalyptic name for a nuclear missile and “Hyperzepherians” (“hyper-” meaning over or above and “zephyr” which is a light wind or a west wind) is the name for the race which wielded them (pre-apocalyptic humans who had mastered aviation). Let me know what you think and please note that I’m not criticizing this post, I’m just dying to talk to someone about this.

    I found these posts when I searched “odonatar” to see if they were creatures original to “Arrows in the Dark” or a reference to established science-fantasy. Have you run a game using these posts or are these just mods you’ve done for fun?

    • 3llense'g

      2012/12/16 at 10:13

      No, I haven’t used these in-game, sadly. :/ I never thought of the firelances as nuclear missles, that’s kinda cool. But I don’t see how a fantasy game could include them since launching them and especially aiming them needs so much know-how. šŸ™‚ I never consider the Sword videos. Lawless Lands have the band walk around with swords to the lyrics of “onwards RIDES the ARCHER”, singular! šŸ˜€

      • scottsifer

        2012/12/16 at 18:56

        For this game, I’m setting it in post-apocalypse Earth and saying that after a few thousand years everything’s reverted to a feudal system and a more or less fantasy setting (e.g. the “Use Magic Device” skill would be a wizard actually using a computer under the belief that it’s really magic). At the end of the second act, the party will find a spaceship originally intended for the evacuation of Earth that will shuttle them automatically to Archeron for the third act.

        And yes, it’s true that using a nuclear missile would take a lot of knowledge that players wouldn’t have, most likely, so I’m reducing the whole thing to giving them the choice of whether to give control of the Fire Lances to the lord (who I’m tying into “The Hidden Masters” as a secret organization) who will charge them with the task of finding the control hub or destroying them for the good of mankind/the world/etc.

        Also, I think the three videos for Warp Riders were supposed to follow the “crew of space pirates with a vessel that will alter the course of history… a vessel known as, The Sword” as mentioned in the description of the album’s concept that was on their website for a while ( But yeah, those videos were kind of…disappointing. To me, at least.



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