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Further update on campaign plans

Sorry for the lack of new posts.

Thing is, I left my job, I was visiting my grandma for almost a week, and it just now dawned on me what kind of sci-fi campaign I want to run. I will most likely run it in Mini Six. I was kinda dismissive about this one back in the day, since the book is not really all that mini, originally the guys at antipaladin managed to get the whole thing out in 7 pages. But reading it now, it seems like something I could use easily.

A few notes about my planned campaign:

  • It will be set in the Oolite universe (I’ll probably adjust ship prices and even add a few ships to even out the supply)
    • Nothing is really in the game but space travel, so I get to make everything else up while still having the framework of a star chart, space ships and background fluff
  • The players will start out as thugs to a mafia-like organisation (a small one)
    • I wanted to do this ever since playing Assassin’s Creed 2, probably because of the Italian language, the sci-fi setting is the new part
  • I want my players to be active, not reactive
    • Most of them like Star Trek more than Star Wars (or Firefly) but I don’t want to constantly tell them what to do, as part of a military organisation with strict hierarchy
  • Everyone will start out with enough money to get a small ship (like an Adder or a used Cobra Mk1), or they can pool their resources to get a ship that’s big enough for all of them (no matter how many players we have)
    • This way the players can decide if they want to travel together or have a ship for every role, or a mixture of both
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Generic update

So I slipped for the first time.

After extensively testing my hexcrawl drop-die generator, I fell back in love with Elite (specifically Oolite). With work being hectic and dentistry taking up my time, I’m now past due with 2 blog posts (as of today). Since I never played any sci-fi RPGs for a longer time, it’s hard for me to apply this other direction into this blog, but I’m not giving up! Maybe I’ll get a copy of the d6 Star Wars book, or finally get a game going in Wushu. Or someone could suggest me a free alternative.

I also have several boardgames in the works that could fit this new kick of mine. So stay tuned!

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Why I am an incurable SotU fanboy

I would like to start this post by wishing you all a happy (somewhat belated) holiday season.

So, Searchers of the Unknown.

I LOVE SotU! You can print it on one page. You can print it on one small page. You can modify it to be landscape, and clearly split in the middle, so you can print it on both sides and cut it in half and have two even smaller copies. And THEN you can print it smaller! Which I’ve done.

I have several copies in my wallet at all times. In two languages. They are available here, of course.

The system itself is easy to remember, easy to look up, easy to use and easy to improvise around. It’s (supposedly) compatible with everything published for any D&D edition. Some rules are omitted (movement, for example), but could be looked up or improvised. (You might need Labyrinth Lord at the table. Your players won’t.)

Also, it’s pulp as heck! No magic using characters, everyone is a fighter/thief (like Conan, for example) and heroes are captured instead of killed. (And they heal off-screen, like in the movies!)

So what’s not to like? My theory is that casual players want three things out of their game (besides fun): easy to remember/look up rules, minimal reading necessary and lots of options. In SotU, you can choose your weapons, armour and name. An experienced player might enjoy the fact that the characters are distinguished by the players instead of the stats. But if you, for example, are playing D&D with pornstars, They might want mechanical differences between the races and roles. I too catch myself developing race and class options for the game (that I’ll publish later).

All in all, if you ever get cornered by a gang of rabid D&D fans, demanding that you run a game for them or die, you should have a tiny copy in your wallet just in case. And a d8, d20 and d12 is all you need.

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My nickname is 3llense’g (L-N-shaig), also known as Lance Toth (my real name is Tóth László though). I’m a hungarian, 26 year old nerd.

I like roleplaying. I started playing AD&D2 in elementary school, then we breefly switched to D&D3 when trying to hold the group together in high school (we all went to a different one). I also played old Star Wars for a little while, and Vampire: the Masquerade.

A few years passed reading D&D3.5 core books after which I looked around for a free alternative, and bumped into the dawn of the Old School Renaissance. Osric wasn’t done yet, so I picked up Labyrinth Lord, printed it, and loved it!

My first DMing gig came a little later, with almost a dozen complete newbies, 30 minutes a week in school, and my (in retrospect) terrible misplaced adventure that I suspect is the reason none of them will ever play again. I think I got better since then.

Having no one to play with (either as a DM or player) slowly ground down my interest in the OSR, and a quit for a few months when I didn’t have the time to read the forums or blogs. I came back recently, and ConstantCon is being organised! I wanna get in, but I might be forced to DM, and I’m not up to that yet. I might be playing in a PbP on the Goblinoid Games forum later.

I have a few things I’ve posted on forums or newsletters here and there over the years, that will be re-posted here, so I’ll have some content. Hopefully it will all be done offline before posting, so nothing will be lost, as that tends to happen with my blogs and posts. Hopefully I’ll develop enough of a backlog to hold me over the rough patches. 🙂

Bad things about me:

  • I am terribly inexperienced when it comes to Old School play, sandboxes and publication history.
  • I once thought Castle Greyhawk was good (it isn’t a typical dungeon crawl, that was my only reason).
  • I’m lazy, I stop doing things (posting on my blog, writing songs, programming my game) on the slightest provocation.
  • My job is stressful and kinda far away, so I have just 2 hours of free time on bad days.
  • I live in Hungary, as in Eastern-Central Europe, as in the other side of the world from the US. That makes any live interaction difficult. Raggi can sympathize, I’m sure.
  • I live with my mom, because she can’t afford the flat on her own (or at least that’s my excuse).
  • I tend to sound like an asshole.

Good things about me:

  • I love making music (even if it’s not the best music), if you need a bard in your game, or a custom soundtrack, I’m your man. (Though remember: lazy!)
  • I love one page stuff. Settlements, dungeons, creatures, generators. Hell, rules! (Searchers of the Unknown is my favourite game, that might be a bad thing, depending.)
  • I sound like an asshole, but I’m kinda nice.

I’m 3llenseg on twitter, Lance Toth on G+, 3llense’g on the GG forums and interstellar_deity on e-mail.

That’s who I am, now enjoy the show!

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