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PocketMod hack: Lost Dutchy of Gaeleth

Anti Paladin Games produced some one-page stuff that I found very influential and inspiring back in the day. I still carry many of their efforts in my wallet. Hex-Spiders for some versatile baddies, Kedmere for a setting backdrop, and The Lost Dutchy for a hexcrawl. This latter I now present to you as a pocketmod. Enjoy!

PocketMod, letter size PDF (as Google doc)
PocketMod, A4 size PDF (as Google doc)

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Choose your own class – a class choosing aid

I’m back! I was thinking about this idea for a long time now, and I finally decided to just make it.

It’s basically a choose-your-own-adventure thing, but much more basic. You choose how you handle 3 combat situations and in the end you are told what class you chose and what it’s abilities and duties are.

Warning: This is a tool for Basic fantasy games! Race-as-class, 4 classes and 3 races.

Available in 3 versions:

Download/view PDFs:

Pocket mod, letter size (as Google doc)

Pocket mod, A4 size (as Google doc)

5 page PDF (as Google doc), if the letters are too small for you

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PocketMod hacks: Goblin Gully

Pocketmods are this new thing for me. I wanted to see if I can put some one page dungeons and the like into this format. This is my first try, Dyson Logos’ Goblin Gully. I hope you like it.

Edit 2014:

“If you want a version of one of my adventures in PocketMod format, or re-statted for use with GURPS Magic or another system, go ahead and do it but do NOT post it to the internet, to your blog, or wherever else.” -Dyson Logos


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