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Town generator

This is one of my older projects from the (previous) Labyrinth Lord forums, where I got some great feedback, foremost from Bighara. I never finished this project properly, so this is a version like no other! Enjoy.

Download/view: PDF (as Google doc)

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Monk class for SotU

For some reason I always wanted to make a monk class for Searchers of the Unknown. At first I over-complicated the math, but after watching Kung Fu Panda 2, I had an idea.
When fighting without armour and weapons, the monk causes 1 to HD+1 damage with each hit, starting with 1d2 at first level.
Levels not reproducible with die rolls can be reproduced with the combination of two (or a simple addition of one).
Examples: HD6 = d6+1, HD14 = d12+d3He or she starts at 2 attacks per round on first level, but otherwise advances in the described way (1 additional attack after every 4 additional HD).

The monk also reduces any damage inflicted on him or her by 1 for every odd level they possess. (-1 at level 1, -2 at level 3, etc.) This ability can be used up to as many times a round as attacks the character has (declare before damage is rolled). The DM can decide if the reduction can reach 0, or if 1 damage must always be inflicted (I suggest the former).
If using weapons, the damage is according to whatever weapon the monk uses, and their attacks per round is halved(round down to a minimum of 1).If using armour, the damage reduction is lost, but the hand-to-hand damage is the same. The number of attacks is again halved.

Update: I figured out a few much better methods for rolling unarmed damage for the monk.

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Urban tasks

Most of this stuff popped in my head for a reason, but I can’t remember any of them.

This thing is a random list of increasingly important stuff that could happen in a medieval town, linked with the people who would request the players’ help. (And thus it is completely sexist, though medieval society was as well.)

The final entry, a quest can be made up, or generated by whatever means. An example I have on me at all times is mentioned. Now that I looked, there’s other great stuff here.

Download/view: PDF (as Google doc)

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Level- and Geography-based Reputation

I don’t know how this occured to me, but I wanted an easy system to handle party fame/infamy.

Assuming players stick to a region as they go adventuring (like in Hommlet and the Temple of Elemental Evil for example), they gain fame as they advance in levels (and deeds) in an increasingly larger territory. If they are constantly on the move, that makes this method mostly useless (though it’s still useful for tracking the fame of powerful NPCs).

Download/view: PDF (as Google doc)

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