Dielevel modern

29 Nov

I wanted to further showcase the flexibility of the Dielevel system despite the fact that nobody seems to care.

There seems to be a trend in roleplaying where medieval games are abstracted, but modern, horror and sci-fi games tend to be skill based and more realistic.

Dielevel modern

These rules can be used for anything from Lovecraft to Star Wars. If any sort of psychic or magic abilities are available, they should be under the Spiritual attribute.


Attributes are the inherent abilities of the character. They only change for in-game reasons (like going to the gym for a while), at the DMs discretion.

At character creation you have to split 3 points among the following:

  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Social
  • Spiritual


At character creation, you get as many skills as points allocated to the appropriate attribute. This amount should be chosen, but in special cases the DM might rule that you can add multiple points to a single skill instead.

You get an additional skill point to allocate however you like at each new level. You can add one to an existing one, or get a new skill.

Skill examples

  • Physical
    • martial arts
    • sprinting
    • climbing
  • Mental
    • computers
    • driving
    • first aid
  • Social
    • bluff
    • fashion
    • streetwise
  • Spiritual
    • ghosts
    • religions
    • animal ken

Both the attribute and skill bonus is added to the rolls. Skills and attributes can be combined for an action however is appropriate. So you might add physical+bluff to the roll to seem stronger than you are.

Sci-fi race examples

Rookies are a race of 6′ humanoid sloths. They have great strength but can only speak their own language.
Physical starts at 1
Social starts at -1

The homaari are a race of floating jellyfish. They are very religious but have a hard time loosening up.
Physical starts at -1
Social starts at -1
Spiritual starts at +2

The toozhanyo are mentally disciplined race of very strong humanoids. Their logical mind and calm demeanor puts others ill at ease.
Physical starts at +1
Mental starts at +1
Social starts at -1
Spiritual starts at -1


Magic has a simple system, if you know the spell, you have to roll against it with the appropriate skill and attribute. It will resist with it’s level and whatever environmental bonuses that are hindering you. If you succeed, the effect is created. Some spells (especially in a Lovecraftian game) will have a cost, like an item, prayer or even the PC’s health.

Spell examples

You speak the words of the mighty god Akárki. Any unnatural abomination who’s Spirituality you rolled over has to flee the room/street/vicinity.
Level 6

You turn the target intangible. Objects pass through them as easily as through air. They are so light that gravity barely has a hold on them as they can literally walk on air like stairs. Hellbound is the same, bit gravity still has a hold on them and they fall into the ground and most likely suffocate unless they find an underground cavity. Length of both effects are until the end of the scene/combat.
Level 10

Ray of clumsiness
A brown streak hits the target who loses all skill bonuses (but not attributes) for the duration of the scene/combat, unless the difference in rolls is smaller then the target’s Spiritual. In the latter case, it only lasts for the next round.
Level 8


Vehicles supplement the characters’ abilities by their speed, abilities (like flying) or equipment (like weapons). Consider them giant portable bonuses.

Vehicle examples

Passengers 4
Health 4
Health bonus +1 for each character inside until the car’s health is depleted
Speed bonus 10 (5 on rough terrain)

Passengers 2
Health 2
Speed bonus 20 (10 on rough terrain)

Using d12 for resolution is suggested, ties go to the players. Characters faint if their health goes under 0, but are only killed by a separate action.

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